Dear Nottoway Business Leaders, 

The Blackstone Chamber of Commerce will, once again, sponsor the Leadership Nottoway Program. We are reaching out to all business leaders and friends of Nottoway County to make this program a success.  Please consider encouraging an employee, business acquaintance, a friend or yourself to apply for the upcoming 2018-2019 Class of Leadership Nottoway.

Some of the benefits received as a graduate of Leadership Nottoway:

  • Grow in awareness and understanding of the challenges and issues facing our community.
  • Expand personal leadership talent into immediately applicable skills.
  • Develop valuable contacts and communication networks within the community.
  • Will prepare graduates for future leadership opportunities, both in their careers and in the community.

Employers and sponsoring Organizations will:

  • Experience immediate benefit from the broadened perspectives and enhanced potential of program participants.
  • Open doors for greater business/organizational community involvement and visibility.
  • Create additional opportunities to influence positive change and impact quality of life in our community.

The Community will:

  • Receive immediate benefits from increased community involvement on the part of the participants.
  • Reap future benefits from collective commitment to effective leadership by the graduates of Leadership Nottoway.

We are excited about the upcoming Program. It is our hope that you will use this opportunity and share your enthusiasm for Leadership Nottoway with others and nominate candidates for the upcoming Leadership Nottoway 2018-2019 class.

Leadership Nottoway Application 2019