Virginia’s Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission has announced a March 2, 2022, application deadline for the FY22 Southern Virginia Program. Award decisions are expected to be made at the Commission’s meeting in May 2022.

Find attached the FY22 Southern Virginia Program Guidelines and Request for Proposals.  

Approximately $10 million in the Southern Virginia Program fund, and $ 13 million of carryforward allocations from the previous Southside Economic Development Program is available to support eligible projects.

Applications will be considered under five investment categories:

§  Agribusiness

§  Business Development

§  Sites and Infrastructure

§  Broadband

§  Tourism

Pasted below, and the second attachment provides a list of recent grant and loan awards.    

All applications must be submitted through the online Grants Portal, by midnight on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Projects that are in development can submit a Funding Pre-Application from the Commission’s website in order to receive feedback on a proposed project.