Greenview Cemetery Project

Dear Business Owners, Churches, Friends and Neighbors,

There is a group of citizens interested in cleaning and revitalizing the Greenview Cemetery on Rocky Bump Road. We are looking for support to aide in this project.  The group is planning a cleanup day on Saturday, May 15th to start with cleaning up debris, felled trees, clearing brush, adding gravel to the driveway as well as identifying broken and knocked over headstones and getting them scheduled for corrective actions (repairs, replacement on grave, and possible replacing headstones damaged beyond repair).  This is not planned to be a “one and done” project, but a perpetual one that will make this cemetery a beautiful, restful, respectable place for those resting there and their families.  There are many veterans buried out there that we also wish to honor.  We have been in touch with the owners of the cemetery and have received their blessing for this project.  They do not live in Virginia and have not seen the cemetery in decades, but have seen pictures and are looking forward to the positive changes.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please visit Greenview Cemetery Project on Facebook, there is a volunteer sign up there as well as a “Go Fund Me” account set up for this project.  If you would like to donate supplies or food for the volunteers on our scheduled workdays, please contact Beverley Ambs with the Blackstone Chamber of Commerce at (434) 294-0280 or at

We look forward to restoring this cemetery to a peaceful place for loved ones to rest.