Supervising a difficult feedback session with an employee can worsen the situation if not handled appropriately. It is every employer’s nightmare is to ensure an employee’s cooperation while providing him/her with a tough feedback or handling a difficult conversation. Research has proved that it is very common for employees to take your suggestions with a negative mindset and disregard your feedback if the whole process is not done carefully. Such conversations often bring about a lot of negative reactions, including blame, excuses, and complaints. This often results in unproductive work behaviors. This unproductive work behavior costs the organizations hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, while creating much frustration and stress. Often communication can break down when managers have to deliver tough news about substandard performance, workplace change, team conflict, or any number of other problems. Many employees enter the workplace with anger management, substance abuse, mental health, and personal issues that overflow into the workplace. This session is geared to provide valuable insights on communicating with difficult employees and dealing with challenging situations, and managing employee feedback.

This webinar titled “Supervising Employee Engagement During Difficult Feedback & Handling Tough Conversations Without Losing Their Cooperation” is scheduled on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

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The following agenda will be discussed in detail during this session :

  • Understanding why “constructive criticism” isn’t constructive.
  • Critical mistakes made by managers/supervisors while giving feedback.
  • Importance of gaining employee cooperation instead of demanding employee compliance
  • Must have skills to give feedback to gain employee cooperation instead of defensiveness.
  • Skill to resolve defensiveness, other negative reactions, and issues.
  • Skill to give positive feedback believably and effectively.
  • Comprehending how and why communication breaks down
  • Valuable insights on dealing with defensive communication and behavior
  • How to keep your own emotions in control
  • Managing and staying in control during the conversation
  • Know when to soften the blow and when to lower the boom
  • Tips on staying safe with a volatile person
  • Handle someone who cries and who won’t participate
  • FAQs 

About The Trainer : Joe Aitchison, SPHR, is Vice President of BASIC, a HR Service Company providing employer guidance in the area of human resources and benefit administration.  Services include payroll, unemployment, COBRA, FLEX, FMLA and HR outsource services.  In his current role, Mr. Aitchison is responsible for regulatory compliance and is BASICs resident expert on employment practice and benefits.  He provides guidance on HR best practice to BASICs 9,000 clients nationally.   He is a known, frequent national speaker at conferences, presenting on “Employer Best Practice”, Health Care Reform, employee benefits, FMLA and employment related federal regulations.  Mr. Aitchison has obtained certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.  He has thirty years of human resource and business management experience working with international automotive manufacturing, commercial manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, transportation, retail, gaming & hospitality, food processing, healthcare, judicial, financial services, engineering & scientific professional services, public sector and not for profit organizations. Positions held include: CEO/President, senior executive, operations management and company director. Mr. Aitchison serves as a board representative on several profit and not for profit boards.

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Susan Jones
Conference Manager